Sari la conținut

About us

As Translate is a company created with the desire of bringing into effect activities that we love,welcoming challenges and winning customers confidence in order to walk together towars a future where succes characterizes our projects.                            Each client is important to us and each project shall be handled professionally, confidentially and compentially.

AS Translate provides authorized and specialized translation services in a wide range of languages with experience in a wide variety of areas. Our translation office guarantees the best solutions for your neds at a fair ratio between price and quality.


  • performing translations within the agreed time with the client, including the cases where translations have been requested as a matter of urgency;
  • guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information and data transmitted by our customers;
  • ensuring competitive prices and adapting services to the needs of each client;
  • ensuring customer loyalty through promptness and quality of services.

Notary acknowledgement- at the request of the client, we also ensure the certification of translations. For this service, only notary fees are charged, without any other charges.

The translation will be delivered to the customer in printed or electronic format, according to preferences, unless the certification is required.

Those translations requiring certification will be delivered in printed format with the signature notarization, the stamp of the translator and of the notary certifying the signature of the translator authorized by the Ministry of Justice.