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Looking for a certified translation company in Craiova?

Certified translations that you can rely on

As Translateis a company designed to combine the passion for translating with the desire to help people overcome language barriers.

Services provided by As Translate

Authorized translations

When the authorized translator’s signature and stamp is required

Legalized translations

Translations of official documents, certified by a notary public

Hague Apostille

For official recognition without any further superlegalization formalities

Notary services

When time is important, we deal with all the issues involved

Fields of specialization

Where can we add the highest value to your activity

Foreign languages

Do you want to find out if we can help you? Looking for something special?

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How does it work?

... in 4 easy steps!

1) Load the file and define the translation

The first step is simple: upload the document and specify the language in which you want the document to be translated.

2) Get and offer

You will receive the costs for your translation depending on the language, the number of characters and the delivery due.

3) Accept and pay

Continue and pay online with yourcredit card. For companies, payment can be made withim 30 days.

4) Get your translation on time

You will receive the document translated by our professionals on time, via e-mail.

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