Sari la conținut


Our translators authorized by the Ministry of Justice carry a large number of translations and translation projects in various fields:

  • field of the law (constitutive acts, contracts, sentences, proxies, declarations, mandates, etc.)
  • technical (user manuals, data sheet, minutes, licenses, technical instructions in the energy, electrical, construction, oil, automotive field, etc.)
  • administrative (automobile documents, civil status documents, certificates, permits, attestations, criminal records, etc.)
  • advertising (catalogs, websites, brochures, etc.)
  • fiscal (reports, balances, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, invoices, tax certificates, etc.)
  • IT & C: software, user manuals, etc
  • Medical (analysis bulletins, hospital release forms, specialized medical texts, etc.)
  • pharmaceutical (pharmaceutical product presentations)
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Simple translations: translations that do not have the stamp or signature of the authorized translator or public notary because they are either documents for internal use or documents translated from literary, journalistic texts etc.
Authorized translations are those translations that only have the signature of the translator authorized by the Ministry of Justice in Romania.
Legalized translations: the service of notary authentication can be realized only for translations made by the translators of our office, authorized by the Ministry of Justice. There can be legalized only translations of official, original documents.

Online translations: the process of sending and delivery the documents can also be performed online. The invoice can be issued and paid online.